MS-Windows HandyScope-1 Controller

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WinHandy is MS Windows software for controlling, data collecting, and graphing data from the TiePie HandyScope 1, HS1, device.  WinHandy consists of three modules that are designed to perform as a Storage Oscilloscope, a Spectrum Analyser, and Data Logger.


The TiePie "HandyScope 1" is a portable voltage measuring instrument for use with a PC computer, that essentially gives a computer the ability to perform as a Digital Storage Oscilloscope, (DSO). The HandyScope consists of Analog to Digital (A-D) converters and associated circuits, that transform two voltage signals (Channel 1 and Channel 2) to digital data for interface to a PC printer port.

The HandyScope was only designed for the DOS environment, and is thus essentially NOT fully MS-Windows compatible.  TiePie, the developers of the HandyScope, only supply a DOS based program for use with the HandyScope 1.

The HandyScope and DOS software was developed by: TiePie Engineering.


The TiePie "HandyScope1", HS1, was NOT designed to be utilised in an MS-Windows multitasking environment.  The developed "WinHandy" software WILL function with no errors, and with no problems for the computer or HandyScope.
However, due to MS-Windows switching multitasking processes, MS-Windows will switch away from the "WinHandy" application, even during data collection from the HandyScope.  This results in the HandyScope HS1 having imprecise trimming when recording the voltage data.
Note: The recorded voltage is correct, it is just the timing is inaccurate.


The authors TiePie "HandyScope 1", HS1, was purchased many years ago, and the author (at that time) decided to write an MS-Windows controlling software for the HS1, (at this stage MS-Windows was version Win3.1).  The author knew that the multitasking environment of MS-Windows would result in imprecise timing from the "HandyScope 1", that would result in "glitches" in the data collection when the HS1 was utilised as a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO).  However the "WinHandy" software did actually function successfully, and the DSO had minimal glitches present in the collected data.

The WinHandy Win3.1 software version was utilised successfully, and continued to work in the newer Win95 and Win98 operating systems.  The HandyScope/WinHandy had been operating for many years in the authors electronics workshop, utilising an old laptop running Win98.

Due to a failure (in 2019) of the Win98 laptop, the laptop was replaced with a (antiquated) Win7 laptop.  Due to the old WinHandy Win3.1/Win95/98 software utilising direct read/writes to hardware ports, that version would NOT work with MS-Win7 (or later windows versions).
The WinHandy software was required to be updated to utilise an external driver that would provide direct read/write access to hardware ports.  The open source windows DLL "InpOut32" was utilised for this task, (

The latest version of the WinHandy software is now functional in MS-Win7 (however with glitches present in the DSO and Spectrum Analyser graph screen).  The software has been tested with WinXP, Win7, and Win8.  It was found that so long as the computer is running few other MS-Windows applications (other than WinHandy application), the collected data display is reasonable (within the DSO and Spectrum Analyser application).

Note: The imprecise timing from the HS1, has minimal effect on the "HandyLog" data logging application.  This is due to the slower (compared to the DSO and Spectrum Analyser) data collection speeds.  The "HandyLog" data logger can collect data at intervals from as large as hours, to as small as one tenth of a second (100ms).  Yet even the 100ms data collection intervals are slow enough to be hardly effected by the few millisecond collection delays (caused by MS-Windows multitasking switching).


The author realised that others who have an old "HandyScope 1" device, may also have use for MS-Windows software for the "HandyScope 1" (even with the imprecise timing in the data collection).  Hence the software has been provided as Freeware, downloadable from this website.
Note: This software has been tested on WinXP, Win7, and Win8.


The programs should run as is, requiring no real set-up. The only provisory is that for correct measurements, the program must be Time/Frequency calibrated. The HandyScope is pre-voltage calibrated, but due to differing PC computer speeds, the Time/Frequency will need calibration. This involves suppling a known period/frequency input signal, and adjusting the "Time Calibration" input box under the 'Options - System Settings' menu options.
HOWEVER, due to the imprecise timing in the data collection, getting any accurate Time/Frequency values is difficult.  The software is more of an "un-calibrated" indication of the waveforms being measured by the "HandyScope 1".


No liability whatsoever for the program operation, use of the data, accuracy of the data, loss of information, or anything else is accepted by the author of this program.


   (1 MB ZIP file.)

             WinHandy.EXE - Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
             HdySpect.EXE - Spectrum Analyser.
             HandyLog.EXE - Data Logger.
             InpOut32.dll    - Port Driver.