Clueless XWord

Clueless Crossword is an android application game that uses numbers for letters to solve clueless crosswords.



Clueless Crossword provides a grid of words, similar to a usual crossword, but there are NO clues to the hidden words.  Instead a number in each grid square represents the (as yet unknown) letter for that square.  Each square with the same number has the same letter associated with it.
There is also a code word at the bottom of the crossword grid, where each code letter square number has the same letter associated with it as the crossword grid.  Solving the crossword will reveal the code word (which is a from a common English saying).

This app is a simple Clueless Crossword solver to pass the time.  This app is similar to other Clueless Crossword apps, yet possibly with less functionality.  For example, there are no scores, no time limits, no leader boards, and no history of past games.

The application was written since I could not find a totally Free, NO ads, NO internet required, Clueless Crossword game.


Drag letters from the bottom keyboard to the desired location in the crossword grid, or to blank locations in the code word.  Letters placed in the crossword grid, or code word, can be dragged back to the keyboard, to remove them.  Letters can also be dragged from one crossword square to another empty square. 
The bottom "I" button will provide hints.


The application is Free and does NOT contain any adverts or in-app purchases.  The app does NOT collect, store, record, or send any data.  The app does NOT access any other phone information (like contacts or bookmarks). The app only performs pure crossword solving game function, and thus contains NO other extraneous functions or information that would be unsafe for minors.

The only permission utilised is the standard INTERNET permission. However the application does not collect, record, or send any data.
The INTERNET permission is required for development, for deploying the application for testing to tethered android devices.
Note: NO internet connection is needed to utilise the software.


Submitted to the Playstore, but NOT yet available.