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The software on this site is developed and maintained by Charles Hacker (HShakasoft@gmail.com). 

I am a university educator, with extensive experience teaching various electronics, computing, maths, and physics courses.
I have therefore gained comprehensive knowledge in both utilising and teaching with the computer languages 'C', Matlab, Fortran, and Pascal.  I have also taught microprocessor programming in various Assembly and Machine code languages.

I am also an experienced software developer, developing many educational, research, and commercial software in the Microsoft Windows environment.

The software on this website is being provided as FreeWare.
The software contains no spyware, no advertisements, and does not collect, record, or send any data.

No liability whatsoever for programs operation, use of the program, accuracy of the program, any loss of information, or anything else is accepted by the author of these programs.

Charles Hacker
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia