The software on this site was developed, and maintained, by Charles Hacker (HShakasoft@gmail.com).
The software was developed using Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), on a MS-Windows 7 computer system.

The software is being provided as FreeWare.
No liability whatsoever for programs operation, use of the program, accuracy of the program, any loss of information, or anything else is accepted by the author.


BaseCon.apk - Application to Convert numbers between various numerical bases (like Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal) and between various binary codes (like BCD and Grey codes).  The full mathematical process for converting the number is also proved.

TTableMinimiser.apk - Application to Minimise a Boolean Truth Table utilising Karnaugh Maps or the Quine-McCluskey algorithm. The program allows for 2 to 8 Boolean variables for the Quine-McCluskey minimisation, and 2 to 4 Boolean variables for the Karnaugh Map.
TestKMap.apk - This application tests the user's ability to solve 4 variable Karnaugh Maps (KMaps).
The application presents an unsolved KMap, which the user solves by looping the logic highs (1) and / or the Don't Cares (X).  Once solved the application will check the solution.

SpiceCircuit.apk - A graphical circuit entry and (limited) simulation application for Android.  The "Operating Point" for both AC and DC circuits can be determined, with the voltages and currents being displayed on the circuit schematic.


WinLogiLab - A Computer-Based Teaching Suite for Digital Logic Design. WinLogiLab comprises of a set of tutorials that performs the design steps for digital Combinatorial and Sequential logic circuits.  Digital circuit operations can also be simulated, and circuit wiring diagrams can be drawn.

RadDecay - Provides radioactive decay information for Radionuclides. Data provided include the elements physical properties and radionuclide data.  The nuclide data includes the half life, radioactive daughter nuclides, decay chain series, probabilities per decay, and Decay product energies for alphas, betas, positrons, electrons, X-rays, and photons.

CircSchema - An easy to use electronic circuit schematic drawing application. The application can Draw, Save, Edit, Copy, and Print complete circuit diagrams. It has a library of common schematic symbols, and the user can create new symbols and add to the library.

SpiceCircuit - A graphical circuit entry and simulation application, using the professional NGSpice library to perform the simulation.  Both AC and DC circuits can be simulated, with the determined voltages and currents being displayed on the circuit schematic, or displayed on an oscilloscope style graph.

GPS_Explorer - View, Modify, and Create GPS Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks, that are displayed on automatically downloaded OSM maps.  NEAM (mgm) and GPX and other formats are supported, for download and Upload data to GPS units.

AstralNav - A program for Celestial Navigation. Calculates the geographical position of a user, by Line of Positions (LOP). Also provides various astronomical data, such as that obtained from the Nautical Almanac, and includes a graphical star map of the sky.

- Rigol Oscilloscope WaveForm (WFM) Viewer: Application to Read, View, Manipulate, and Export data stored in Rigol oscilloscopes WFM file. Supports the formats for RIGOL DS1000 and RIGOL DS2000 series oscilloscopes.

WinHandy - TiePie HandyScope MS-Windows Controller Software: The TiePie HandyScope is a portable voltage measuring instrument for use with a PC computer. This software provides MS-Windows compatible software to allow the PC, with the HandyScope, to function as a Storage Oscilloscope and Voltmeter.