Truth Table Minimiser

An application to Minimise a Boolean Truth Table utilising Karnaugh Maps or the Quine-McCluskey algorithm.


This program uses the Quine-McCluskey algorithm for minimising a Boolean Truth table.  The program allows for 2 to 8 Boolean variables for the Quine-McCluskey minimisation.  The program can also show the minimised solution on a Karnaugh Map (the Quine-McCluskey solution is converted to loopings for the KMap).  The Karnaugh Map can also display ALL the possible solutions (utilising Petrick's method).


"Truth Table Minimiser" is Free and does NOT contain any adverts or in-app purchases.  The app does NOT collect, store, record, or send any data. 
The app does NOT access any other phone information (like contacts or bookmarks).
The app only performs pure technical "Minimise a Boolean Truth Table", and thus contains NO other extraneous functions or information that would be unsafe for minors.
The only permission utilised is the standard INTERNET permission. However the application does not collect, record, or send any data.
The INTERNET permission is required for development, for deploying the application for testing to tethered android devices.


An alternative to installation from the Google Play store is to download and install the APK directly.

APK Installation file:

    (~8.0 MB APK file)

The above is an Android Application (APK) file of the executable. Download this file to an Android device, and click on the download to install the application. This application is only designed for Android Version 4 to 7.
NOTE: You will need to "Allow Installation of Unknown Sources" be selected in the Security section of the device Settings menu.