Android Spice Circuit

Analog electronic circuit simulation application.


SpiceCircuit - is a full graphical circuit entry application with (currently limited) Spice DC and AC Operating Point simulation ability.
The application can find the (static) "Operating Point" conditions of both DC and AC circuits.  The analysis is currently limited to linear components only (being Power supplies, Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors).
The determined simulation Voltages and Currents, are displayed on the schematic.  Also, with an AC circuit, the full vector (magnitude and angle) operating points are determined and displayed.
The application can export a "NetList" of the circuit, which will enable the netlist to be simulated in an external circuit Spice application.  The intention is to eventually have the application fully automate the use of an external Spice simulation engine, to generate full circuit simulation of all circuits graphically designed in this application.  However for the present, a fully compatible external android Spice application has not yet been found.

This application is totally FREE!


SpiceCircuit is Free and does NOT contain any adverts or in-app purchases.  The app does NOT collect, store, record, or send any data.  The app does NOT access any other phone information (like contacts or bookmarks).
The app only performs pure technical "simulation of a user entered circuit", and thus contains NO other extraneous functions or information that would be unsafe for minors.


Access External Storage
This is required to write Spice NETLIST files to the public "Documents" directory, so an external SPICE simulation package can load this netlist file for simulation.
My SpiceCircuit app then needs to read in the stored results of the external Spice simulation, for displaying results on the circuit.

Internet Access
The INTERNET permission is required for development, for deploying the application for testing to tethered android devices.  However the application does not collect, record, or send any data. 


The author desired to utilise a free Android SPICE circuit entry and simulation application.  However, the author was surprised to find there currently was no free (without adverts) Android SPICE circuit simulation applications.
Thus the author developed this software, which allows for graphical design of a circuit.  The application also includes the authors limited SPICE simulation analysis code, that allowed for the "Operating Pont" for linear circuits to be calculated.
The application can also generate a NETLIST, that can be simulated in other SPICE applications.


This is a functional version of the program. Thus, *NO* limitations to the software execution have been imposed.  However the program is still in the Beta development stage, and thus there are still a number of incomplete aspects of the application. 


No liability whatsoever for the program operation, use of the data, accuracy of the data, loss of information, or anything else is accepted by the author of this program.


   (~8.1 MB APK file)

The above is an Android Application (APK) file of the executable.
Download this file to an Android device, and click on the download to install the application.
This application is only designed for Android Version 4 to 7.
NOTE: You will need to "Allow Installation of Unknown Sources" be selected in the Security section of the device Settings menu.


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